How to use the Bibliography of Asian Studies

The basic search box is available on all screens; you can search for keywords and select the field (Entire record, Author/Editor, Title, Journal or Subject). Search for a continuous phrase by using quotation marks: “Japanese politics”. A wildcard *, not valid after quotation marks, allows you to search for Chin, China, Chinese etc. by using the search term chin*. Moreover, some intelligent mapping is present; letters finds also letter etc.

Any result can be refined by entering on the result screen a follow-up search term and checking the search within check box, and/or by choosing the facets provided in the grey left-hand column (facets available are Type, Subject, Country/Region, Journal, Language, Publication date, Type of publication, Author/Tr[anslator]/Comp[iler]/Ed[itor].) Facets are applied cumulatively, and are listed on top of the left-hand column; click on to delete an applied facet. In addition, authors, journals, keywords, subjects and, if applicable, publishers are hyperlinked.

The language facet, not available in previous versions of the BAS, has been mechanically applied to past records, and may occasionally be mistaken. Similarly, only more recent articles may have additional keywords added by the editors to an entry to improve access.

This version of the BAS is fully Unicode-compliant; on all recent platforms and using recent browsers, there is no need to apply particular fonts or encodings, such as the previously available AlaBas font, although for some rare diacritics (such as Russian ligature marks) available fonts may vary. Free downloadable fonts with a large range of well-designed diacritic-based characters include Gentium and Doulos. You do not have to enter any diacritics in your search; the results will list hits with and without diacritics: searching Coedes will find Coedes, Coedès, and Cœdès, depending on the way the entry originally was entered.

You can sort the results by Relevance, Date (most recent first), Date (oldest first), Author and Title.

In the Advanced Search mode, available from the navigation bar, you can combine several search criteria (including publisher, place of publication, and ISSN), Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT (must be uppercase), limit results by year (or range of years) of publication (before, after, between, in), and limit by language, country and document type (article, book, book chapter). Please note that the Bibliography of Asian Studies does not include monographs published after 1991; use WorldCat instead.

The icons before the entries refer to:

  • articles,
  • books, or
  • book chapters .

Author searches can be entered as paul pelliot or pelliot, paul.

You can browse all entries, or browse by journal title by selecting that option from the navigation bar. Typically, you would follow up the browse all function by selecting some facets; thus, you can search all entries on Vietnamese history by choosing the facets Southeast Asia, then Vietnam, then history.

You can select particular records for downloading or emailing by clicking the select check box. By choosing “selected” from the navigation bar (which lists in parentheses the number of selected records) you can clear the selection, print all of them, export them as RIS files (RIS Format, UTF-8), or email them. Bibliographic citation managers such as RefWorks, EndNote or Zotero can then import those records.